My Dearest,

                I am writing this open letter to you because no one is going to tell you the things that you needed to know. I know life’s difficult and you are struggling to attach the pieces together. My darling! Do not be so hard on yourself; you are a human being, not a machine. Stop trying to be perfect; your imperfections are what make you beautiful and desirable for those who envy you.

                You are just in your mid-twenties; it is perfectly fine to fall in love, travel and do the things that make you happy. Even if someone has broken your heart; you deserve to let go of the pain. Time will heal your heart and soon you will find someone who will take care of you, and fill your heart with love. My love! Rejection comes with opportunities. It is ok if you cannot think of anything clearly. I am proud that you have turned out to be a beautiful human being having empathy and warmth for the people in the heart.

                Girl! just remember you are not competing with anyone because there is no one like you in the world every person in this world is unique and has the qualities of its own. It is totally fine to be selfish and put yourself first. There is nothing wrong if you take time for yourself.  I know you are in a constant battle with depression but hold on to hope. Even the darkest night is being lightened up by the moon that you see in the solitude. You will survive the chaos within your soul as you always have and you always will.

                My love! You are a survivor; you have survived the traumas that you thought would have killed you but look how far you have come. Isn’t it mesmerizing that you are fragile yet strong? That is the beauty of being a woman. Do not lose hope it is the only thing that will help you to grow and Make friends who encourage you and support you in this journey of life. If you need to cut off a few people from your life whose presence is nothing but toxic do it now!

Life as we sometimes see is full of miseries and darkness but there is so much that we can give to life and get back from life. Be your own hero! That is what needed the most at this stage of life. Take initiatives for yourself. You’ll see how far you have come and how much you have conquered by believing in YOURSELF!

With Love,

Your Dearest Self.


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